The Curriculum

American Curriculum

Based on the Common Core States Standards and the International Primary Curriculum, NVIS will meet and exceed the educational needs of all students in our care.

National Curriculum of Dubai

NVIS will deliver the National Curriculum of Dubai so all pupils are educated about Dubai History, Islamic Studies and Arabic.

Together, these curricula integrate international dispositions with local culture, history and traditions of Dubai . Our widely accessible curricula enable all pupils to achieve their best in a positive and enjoyable learning experience. At NVIS, we embrace Dubai ’s National Vision for 2030 by blending the best of technology with sustainability and the respect for Dubai ’s heritage and culture.

All children will have access to virtual tours and cutting-edge technology. We utilize Microsoft technology and its learning applications such as One-Note and TEAMS. To meet the needs of the curriculum, pupils are encouraged to bring their own device so they can interact with the teaching in the classroom. TEAMS is also a proven method for delivering online lessons and therefore, lessons will be live streamed so all in our community can access the day’s information and keep engaged. We believe that blended learning will continue to be the ‘new norm’ for schools and from the outset, we have embraced this approach to meet the needs of today’s education.

Microsoft Accredited

NVIS uses Microsoft platforms throughout the school but especially for teaching. Microsoft offers many training programs for our teaching staff, so they are up to date with the latest teaching styles. NVIS will be known as a Microsoft Showcase School where we fully utilize what Microsoft has to offer. This includes the ease for pupils to access the teaching and ease of engaging with the learning process. This means that pupils do not need complicated software or expensive devices. When pupils learn from Office 365 Education in the classroom, they learn from a suite which employers value most. Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access and OneNote are platforms which prepare pupils for their futures.